• Optimized VK & MT Advertising

    Use Plarin Ad Manager to increase your ROI on VK and myTarget. Create ads that perform well and attract clicks that lead to conversions through segmentation and optimization.

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  • Faster & Smarter

    Learn why the largest and most sophisticated advertisers
    choose Plarin Ad Manager to run their VK Ad and myTarget campaigns.

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Plarin Ad manager is specially designed for agencies and advertisers with performance goals seeking to manage large-scale social advertising campaigns effectively and efficiently

This comprehensive tool opens up new opportunities on VK and myTarget by delivering automated rules based optimization, bulk ads creation and editing, automated bid optimization algorithms, advanced reporting and analytics, while significantly simplifying campaign creation and management process.

Multivariate Setup

Create thousands of ads in seconds using a multitude of creative and targeting combinations. Simply add titles, texts, URLs and images all the rest is done automatically.

Mass Editing

Bulk manage hundreds of ads and campaigns quickly and effectively using advanced filters or by grouping ads together in folders. Impossible to do manually.

Real Time Optimization

Optimize toward profitability through automated real-time bidding and customizable optimization rules to meet your goals within set budget.

Conversion Tracking

Explore CPA & conversion data directly in Plarin. Plarin supports both goal and ecommerce tracking from Google Analytics as well as multiple conversion tracking.